Cringey Lies From the Attention-Seekers of the Internet

We’ve got to hand it to these people. While we’ve been struggling with writer’s block, trying to cover the dumb shit that happens on the internet in a simple, yet reasonably thoughtful way, there are clearly plenty creative writers having an easy go of it. But don’t let their details or specificity fool you – these people are masterminds of fiction. 

Though most of us would like to consume approach the world with less skepticism, the more time we spend on the internet the harder it gets. On Twitter there are hordes of parents fabricating stories about how their 2 year old is an emotional or intellectual savant. Anti-maskers celebrate highly dubious acts of rebellion. Influencers claim that women fall at their feet. Some of them are straight up seeking attention, or some validation to fill some kind of void in their souls. Others have more of an agenda. But they’ve all got one thing in common: being incredibly cringey liars.  And we’re here to share some of that cringe with you. 

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