Cringey LinkedIn Posts For Frustrated Workers Who Can’t Stand Inspirational Quotes

No two words fill me with more dread than «LinkedIn Influencer.» I only follow two alleged «influencers» on TikTok: Karamo Brown from Queer Eye and financial advisor Suze Orman. I trust these two to give me vague advice about my career and my money far more than a middle management poster that has only found success in the LinkedIn sphere. 

Moreso than any other website, LinkedIn is a breeding ground for nonsense. Nobody who uses LinkedIn like they use Facebook can tell when they’re being pandered to by a snake-oil salesman. Any influencer can say the vaguest things about business, working hard, and making the most of their money, and it will get thousands of likes and shares. Whether the advice is true or helpful is unimportant: it’s all about sounding like a good worker rather than getting off this silly social media site and actually getting to work. If you hate LinkedIn influencers as much as I do, these cringey posts are right up your alley. 

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