Dad Pulls Off The Ultimate Prank After Catching Son Sneaking Out

There are few tougher roles out there than being a good parent, and that can be especially true when dealing with the troubles of adolescence. Having to pull up your kids on bad behavior can be a difficult task, but it isn’t half as bad when you can enjoy yourself with it. 

This was the logic used by @rhythmlessman when he realized that his son had snuck out with friends that evening. Instead of waiting up to reprimand him, he let technology do the talking for him. Rigging his Amazon Echo to turn the lights on and have Alexa start speaking when his son and his friends came in through the window, the teenagers received the shock of a lifetime when they tried to go to bed unnoticed.

The whole thing was recorded on a security camera, and the resulting TikTok has drawn millions of viewers with its ingenious set up, which is explained in a further video. Although some people showed concern for the relationship between father and son, most were in awe of the elite pranking skills on display. In situations like this, sometimes a little good old fashioned embarrassment is the best solution.

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