Dedicated Bestie Dresses In Disguise To Film Her Friend’s Engagement

Anyone who’s a good friend will always go the extra mile for their chosen family. The special person who gets you through the bad times and creates many of the great ones deserves only the best treatment, after all. There’s nothing more heart warming than seeing the people you love being happy, and when you can do something to contribute, that’s just a bonus.

This is especially true when it comes to a close friend’s love life. Some of us have a hard time letting go when our nearest and dearest get into a relationship, but others are all too happy to make sure it goes as swimmingly as it possibly can. 

It was certainly the case for Chlo, otherwise known as @5footnothing_2222. When her friend’s boyfriend came to her with his plans about proposing, she went the unconventional route in helping it happen. This was because he asked her to come to the restaurant where he wanted to pop the question, in order to film the whole thing. The catch was that she had to do it in disguise.

While it may seem like an outlandish request, she was all too happy to oblige, revealing on TikTok an elaborate old lady getup inclusive of outfit, makeup, and wig. The costume quickly drew viral attention, with viewers praising her dedication to the cause and eager to find out how things had unfolded.


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