Deranged Memes & Tweets About The Future Of American Girl Dolls

With their cutesy outfits, elaborate backstories, and occasional forays into dubious ethnic stereotypes, there is no greater encapsulation of twee childhood Americana than American Girl Dolls. Since 1986, these high-end toys turned wannabe heirlooms have made their mark on avid collectors and pushy suburban moms alike. Combining the dead-eyed creepiness of the kind of thing at a garage sale that definitely isn’t haunted with a load of shiny, friendly, corporate branding, they’ve made their mark with their colorful cast of characters.

If the memes are anything to go by, though, the manufacturers haven’t gone far enough. There might be a doll for every single period of the 1800s, but why haven’t they tried to bring things up to date and tackle the 2010s? If they want to be really down with the kids, their marketing teams need to think up some fresh new ideas, stat. That’s why Twitter has started to do some brainstorming for them. 

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