Dude Can’t Understand Why Millennials Don’t Want Children, Gets Roasted

Intending not to have kids has become much more socially acceptable for millennials. It used to be that if you were a person who didn’t have kids, you were an old spinster, a nun, or a deeply ashamed closeted person. These days, a much larger chunk of young people are vehemently against bringing another life into this world. This can be for various reasons, from not wanting to financially support another human being to not wanting to push another person through their body. While these reasons are more than valid, some people are still attached to an old-fashioned view that childless people are destined for a lonely and unfulfilling life. 

Shane Morris, a self-proclaimed «writer, reformed Christian, husband & father, nitrox addict,» expressed his concern about what childless millennials will do when they «enter their 40s & realize life is only half over.» What kind of fulfillment will these poor souls have without children to take care of? Luckily, the people of Twitter were eager to tell him what a life over 40 without kids could look like. 

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