Elder Millennials and Gen Xers Share Their «I’m Officially Old» Moment at Work

There’s was a point in the workplace where all of the sudden, you were no longer the lowly newbie. As you climbed the ranks at your job, new hires and fresh-faced college kids replaced you as an intern, taking on the menial tasks you’d outgrown and asking you to tie their tie every morning. Although, when did you actually start to feel old at work? Was it when the younger kiddos started going for happy hour drinks on Friday at the new hip bars (and you declined, obviously)… or was it when you realized none of them were even alive during 9/11? 

As elder Millennials and Gen Xers, we’ve officially become the old folks in the workplace and there’s no way around it. We didn’t realize that when we became the ‘senior’ version of our old position, it actually meant we were proverbial senior citizens to the 20-somethings. Scroll onward for the hottest takes on the cringiest moments when people millennials and Gen X realized they were officially their workplace’s ‘Old Auntie’.

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