Elizabeth Olsen Conquers ‘Hot Ones,’ Spicy Memes Ensue

If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube web series Hot Ones, it’s not quite product placement, it’s more like celebrity placement—where movie stars are placed in a strange world ruled by hot sauce. Jokes aside, the concept is pretty brilliant. Celebrities must answer host Sean Evans‘ spicy interview questions as they eat progressively spicer hot wings. Typically, the guests start to lose their cool midway through, but recent Hot Ones guest and WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen absolutely killed it

By the tenth wing, Olsen voiced some slight discomfort but didn’t even break a sweat. She truly is the strongest Avenger. Olsen’s Hot Ones episode has been viewed 2.8 million times since it was published and the fans have had a blast meme-ing stills from the video on Twitter. Keep scrolling to see what the Wanda stans are saying. 

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