Fish Memes For Fishing Fans

If you’re a lifelong city slicker, you might not appreciate how fun fishing actually is. You might think it’s barbaric to stick a worm on a hook and taunt a fishy with it, only to snatch said fishy out of the water just because he wanted to try to enjoy a delicious snack, but I disagree. I think fishing could be far crueler than it is. While fishing is a little uncouth, it’s way less dangerous and more fun than hunting. If your hunting trip goes wrong, that could be genuinely harmful to your person. If your fishing trip went wrong, that just means that you didn’t get a nibble and had to sit with your thoughts on a dock for several hours. To me, that is the idea of a perfect afternoon. Whether you love fish as an animal, a food, or a hobby, these fish memes are sure to brighten your day. 

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