Fresh Tweets That Made It Past the Drafts Folder (December 3, 2022)

Let’s face it: Not every tweet is going to be a good one. In fact, we’d argue that most tweets willed into existence should never have been composed at all. Thanks to Elon Musk’s cringey quest for what he refers to as «free speech,» there’s more stupidity on Twitter than ever before. Not everyone has the immense shame and insecurity that I do – a shame that results in a drafts folder that is packed to the brim with stuff I simply couldn’t bring myself to share with the general public. Anyone who goes on Twitter knows that if everyone was so cowardly, there’d be nothing on Twitter at all. To celebrate the people who share things that are actually good, like jokes and funny observations, we’ve put together some of the latest and greatest tweets we’ve seen over the past few days. It’s not much, but it’s honest work. These tweets beat doomscrolling, that’s for sure.

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