Funniest Dad Tweets That We Saw This Past Week

Do we think there is a science behind dads being so cheesy? Are all men capable of internalizing and embodying the stereotypical dad persona the moment their child is born? Or is it a slow transition that comes from slowly losing touch with the times since being a dad is kinda time-consuming, or at least that’s what we’ve heard before. Perhaps the cheesy jokes take place because parents just love embarrassing their children, and for whatever reason, there seems to be virtually nothing more embarrassing than one of your parents trying to be funny when you’re a kid. I guess we all thought that humor was reserved for the youths. But now that many of us are of the parenting age, we can definitely begin to appreciate these corny tweets.


Whether you’re a dad, a mom, or just someone genuinely entertained by parenting content, you’re ought to enjoy these hilarious Tweets!

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