Funniest Hurricane Ian Memes for Your Average Florida Man (September 26, 2022)

While the rest of the country is celebrating «fall vibes» and the beginning of school, Florida and the southern Gulf area prepare for their most intense weather season of the year. It’s Hurricane Season, baby.


With Hurricane Ian threatening the entire Eastern Seaboard, it’s clear that most reasonable people are preparing for the worst. However, Floridians everywhere are simply not giving a crap. In classic Florida fashion, daily life continues  in the Sunshine State. Schools are open, beaches are open, and most importantly, Publix is open. 


So while every inhabitant of New York City fears for their life and belongings at the hand of a merciless category 3 storm, down in Florida, they couldn’t care less. Until crocodiles are flying in the sky, Sharknado-style, bayou people, Cubans, and all your good ol’ fashioned Florida Men will be carrying on with their daily lives, unscathed by the peak of hurricane season and chiding every sweet summer child up north.  

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