Funny And Weird Food Memes That Don’t Look Particularly Appetizing

There is so much food content being circulated around the internet that just doesn’t look that delicious. There are some exceptions to this; my Instagram Discover page is almost entirely made up of videos of someone icing extremely moist and delicious-looking cakes. That is a massive step up from all the weird food trends happening in 2018 and 2019. Do y’all remember that activated charcoal ice cream that was extremely dangerous to consume if you were on any medications? I am still reeling from the stupid restaurants that would just put edible gold on everything. There was gold pizza, gold burgers, gold cakes, you name it! Nobody could afford it, and when they could, it didn’t even taste good anyway. The worst phenomenon of this era was by far those disgusting milkshakes with ten million things on them. Even if you like weird food (which I hope you do, seeing as you clicked on a weird food memes list), we can agree that 2000-calorie milkshakes are bad news. 

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