Gen X Memes For Those Who Remember the 80s And 90s

Nothing will make you feel old like new historical American Girl dolls. When I was a kid, the doll that was set closest to modern times was Molly, and she was ten years old in 1944. She was nearly the same age as my grandmother, whose childhood felt pretty far away. Eventually, they released Julie, who was ten in 1974. She was nearly my mom’s age, which was inching way closer to the modern era, marking the first Gen X «historical» doll. 

Look around an American Girl store today, and you’ll see a terrifying sight. They’re marketing twin historical dolls that were canonically born in 1990. I’m sorry, but that is way too close for comfort. There should not be historical American Girl Dolls that are younger than most millennials…it’s far too much. If you shudder at the idea that the ’80s and ’90s are now historical time periods, these Gen X memes will beam you back to when they were the present. 

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