Geriatric Karen Bullies Youthful Female Employee For Her Looks

It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with 100% genuine mean girl bullies. As you grow older, you’re a lot less likely to run into unashamedly cruel women who want to take you down a notch. A lot of the mean girls from middle school and high school grow up, learn the error of their ways, and become better people than they were when they were 14 years old. Others change strategies and are rude in more cunning and subtle ways. After all, clever manipulation pays off better than overt insults and bullying. However, there is a rare group of women who continues to childishly bully people throughout their lives and gets away with it. Whether it be because of charisma, power, or just not getting reprimanded, they continue with these mean charades for decades of their lives. For those who encounter such bullies, three roads diverge. Do you just ignore them, stand up to them, or get revenge? 

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