Grandma Disses Son’s Childhood Bully After Finding Him On Facebook

Throughout much of the animal kingdom, one constant remains true of many species: a protective mother is one of the most fearsome forces in the world. Human beings are no different, and many caring moms can be the worst at forgiving and forgetting when it comes to those who have wronged their children.

The perfect example can be seen in @danamerylberger‘s grandma. After her Dad found his childhood bully on Facebook and decided to show it to her, she saw the perfect opportunity for some long awaited revenge. She doesn’t hold back, gleefully putting the «putz face» in his place after recounting his cruel behavior to her son all those years ago.

While we are never shown the identity of her son’s cruel tormentor, her commentary alone is enough to turn anyone against him — although her spunky attitude only endeared viewers. There’s nothing quite like a bitching session with a close female relative, especially if it’s well-deserved. 


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