Honest Job Application Answers That (Sometimes) Got People Hired

In a life full of boring necessities, one of the most boring of all is looking for a job. From excruciating interview questions to navigating industry politics, it can often seem like the whole thing is one big minefield. There’s also nothing worse than falling at the first hurdle: the resume is frequently what makes or breaks the application process. We’re always being told to do something to stand out, but that special something that sets one candidate apart from the rest can be hard to find. 

Sometimes, it pays to be truly unusual, as shown in a resume received by @talktoskirt, who claimed that under the ‘personal interests’ section of the document the applicant had simply put «breakfast». Apparently intrigued by this proposition, they announced that they were soon to be interviewing him. This prompted a large volume of responses from employees, interviewers and employers reminiscing on some of the best unusual responses they had seen in applications and interviews, with many of them ending with a successful hiring. Other answers led to not so happy endings, but the moral of the story remained clear: every so often, it’s good to take a risk in the job market. It might just make you what the employer is looking for.


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