‘I think you should go to the back of the line’: Woman wins petty encounter with her high school bully

This woman is moving on from all her school drama. As the OP, u/tryingclosetomybest, shared to r/pettyrevenge, she finally got the last laugh with a man who bullied her all throughout high school. 

Bullies can make life incredibly challenging for any young person, especially during their formative years. In school, it’s easy for kids to get away with saying or doing mean things. 

At least we all grow up and leave school, and realize that the world is a much larger place than our hometowns. There are plenty of people in the world you can befriend who will be perfectly nice to you, and you might not have to deal with that bully ever again. 

However, this OP lives in the same town that she went to school in. At 20 years old, she’s now in university, and mentions that she often sees people she knew from her prior school days. She actually came across her high school bully recently, and wrote this post about the excellent way she got back at this dude for his behavior years ago. 

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