Ignorant People Who Somehow Think They’re The Next Einsteins

Let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of thinking we’re more intelligent than we actually are sometimes. No matter how smart we are in reality, we can have a tendency to think that we’re always right — and every so often, this leads to us getting knocked down a peg. It’s never pleasant to get your intelligence questioned, but sometimes it is oh so necessary.

This is doubly true when it comes to people talking smack on the internet. There’s no better/worse place to find a load of smugness backed up by unsubstantiated claims, but at least this gets called out sometimes. 

It’s easy to come across in an unintended way on social media, and these examples show the worst of those wannabe galaxy brains that trigger the fight or flight instinct in the rest of us. It costs $0 not to get self-righteous about your own intellect, but people are still out there doing it on a regular basis anyway.

Updated 3/27/2023

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