Irish Gymnast Jumps On Olympic Bed To Disprove Anti-Sex Rumor

Good news for any potential Olympians reading this: it’s OK to get laid at Tokyo 2020. One of the biggest stories to come out of this year’s Olympic Games rumor mill has been about the living conditions for athletes. It was claimed that in an effort to improve Covid safety measures, Olympians would be given beds designed to collapse under too much weight or sudden movement, ruling out any untoward activity on top of them. 

Thankfully, Irish gymnast Rhys Mcclenaghan took it upon himself to show the world that this was confirmed fake news. Filming himself from his Olympic bed, he demonstrated their sturdiness by jumping up and down on it. His debunking of the falsified story gained a mixed reaction, with some pointing out that the beds had been approved pre-pandemic as an environmentally friendly substitute and others remaining skeptical of the furniture’s durability. Nevertheless, they now have the Olympian seal of approval for getting freaky; not that the most athletically gifted people in the world really need a mattress for that purpose, of course.

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