Keanu Reeves Gets Spotted Conversing With Young Fan, Confirms He’s Still A Great Person

It’s a hard time to be a fan of somebody famous these days. You might think that the rise of stan culture would make star power a more important factor than ever, but the concept has been rapidly losing its shine in recent years. In a time of nonstop cancellations — some of which are deserved, and a lot of which don’t end up working anyway — it’s easy to become disillusioned with the idea that anyone who is a public figure is capable of being nice, or at least not completely morally bankrupt. 

Thankfully, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule who have managed to keep some hope alive. One of these is A list actor and internet sad man Keanu Reeves, who seems to have no problem proving consistently that on the whole, he’s a pretty cool guy. When he ended up on the same flight as Andrew Kimmel, the celebrity found himself engaged in conversation with an eager young fan. The account of the exchange warmed the hearts of many on Twitter, some who had had their own (mostly true) favorable encounters with him. Perhaps not every famous person is a lost cause, after all.

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