Medical Memes For Exhausted Med Students

Medical school sounds good in concept. Whose parents don’t want them to have a prestigious career? Being a doctor is a surefire way to make any mom or dad proud of you for the foreseeable future, not to mention all of the other benefits of this field. You don’t have to get an actual job until you’re 30, you will leave without your sanity, and you will have thousands of dollars in student loan debt! What could go wrong?

In actuality, medical school is a huge commitment and a very difficult one to complete at that. You probably won’t get through it based on the desire to make people proud alone. It takes practically all of your time, and the time you aren’t working, you’re probably cutting corners on the very basic self-care duties of eating and sleeping. If you’re in medical school right now, I feel for you. The only means of support I can practically provide is sharing these hilarious medical school themed memes which will hopefully give you a well-deserved laugh. 

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