Memes Wrapped: The Best ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Memes of 2022 We’ve Seen So Far This Week

Maybe if Spotify wasn’t such a money hungry company throwing artists under the bus, then the yearly «wrapped» would be more wholesome. Most people enjoy finding out what their friends have been listening to for the year. That’s the beauty about music, you can share it with everyone and they can share it back. But since Spotify only pays the artists $0.0033 per stream (how tf can you pay less than a penny?!), but their executives are millionaires, it feels a little sad. We are the sheeple and we’ve been duped by evil rich people using something that is supposed to soothe our souls—music—as their tool to further exploit the people. Sigh. Anyways, sorry for sounding dramatic… One thing that we are allowed to love from this tragic trend are all the memes that come out of it! It’s a memes world and we just live in it. 

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