Minions Fanatics Celebrate In Style For ‘Minions: The Rise Of Gru’ Premiere

If you had told somebody in 2010 that a posse of bespectacled yellow Tic Tacs were going to become one of the most ubiquitous forces in image macros ranging from ironic to full-on Facebook mom, they’d probably say, «your mom uses memes?». Needless to say, their explosion across the internet took many by surprise, and over a decade later, these loveable sidekicks in the Despicable Me franchise have let themselves into the hearts (or at least, burned themselves into the eyeballs) of world-weary netizens everywhere.

The most recent instalment of their antics hit our screens at the start of this month, but it would appear that some particularly dedicated fans got an exclusive look at the movie. Minion superfan @bill.hirst took to TikTok recently to show off how he and his posse had come specially dressed to enjoy the occasion. Viewers were both delighted and a little confused to get an insight into their experience, which they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Guess it’s time to buckle up for another decade of memes, then. 

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