Mood Boosting Yoga Memes That’ll Open Your Third Eye

Fitness people always pick a practice that suits their needs. Gym dudes want to get huge, runner girls are always skinny, and Crossfit people… well, they’re just the worst, we don’t talk about them. But what about the yoga people? The crunchy, zenned-out pretzels who never wear shoes and are always in athleisure clothing. The yoga people are a different brand of fitness folks all together, in fact, yogi’s are the type of people who are in-shape but claim they never workout– the practice yoga. It’s more than just stretching, blissed out music, and downward dogs, yoga is a spiritual awakening that cleanses your soul and awakens your third eye… at least, if you can get out of that inverted handstand without breaking your neck. 

Yoga dances on the fine line of impossible feats of the human body, combining contortionism, balance, and strength, while also apparently unwinding and wringing out the badness in your body. So if you’ve ever done a hot yoga class where you sweat out a liter of body fluid and did hip opening excercises, you probably felt some type of way when you walked out of the class. Dizzy, calm, and a little euphoric, you start to understand by these yoga people do this all the time. Maybe if you had some discipline and went to yoga class more often, you could one day touch your toes or sit cross legged again. Until then, you can do your online classes where your instructor is insisting the level is «Beginner/Basic» but they’re just doing planks and balancing on their heads

So if you’re in a mental space and a physical place where real yoga is way too hard and you’re dreading signing up for a class with that Groupon sitting in your inbox, then these memes are for you. Motivation memeage that’ll open your third eye to laughs and have you signing up for that next Hatha class down the street. Before you know it, you’ll have a green juice in-hand, elephant pants, and a beat up pair of Birkenstocks sandals– but before that goes down, chuckle at some funny yoga memes that’ll have you saying ‘Ohm’. 

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