Nail Tech Delights The Internet By Doing Set For Seven Year Old Brother

Whether it’s a girlfriend, a family member or even a colleague, most of us know a person who’s really into nails. They’re rarely seen out and about without their fingertips adorned with a fresh set, and they might even get their hands featured on the Instagram of their nail tech. 

However, it appears that the role of nail model is not as sought after as you might think. If @setsbyloraine is anything to go by, desperate times call for desperate measures. Lacking anyone else to model for her, she recently released a video that showed off a set she produced for her seven year old brother. Agreeing to participate if he could choose the design, the end result has a flamboyant orange and red color scheme based on his favorite cartoon, Larva Island.

Viewers were quick to praise the level of skill from the technician and model alike, although many were perplexed by the idea of a young child sporting a lengthy set of acrylics. If the way he eats fruit loops is anything to go by, they probably didn’t stay on for very long.

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