Nepotistic Glassdoor Review Has Everybody Griping About People Falling Upwards

Anyone who has tried to go for a job without having any connections knows that in many industries, the system is rigged. A little family connection will take you a long way in an interview, leaving the rest of us cringing at every small mistake we made in answering the hiring manager’s questions.

However, one thing most of us don’t expect is for people to say the quiet part out loud, as with a Glassdoor review found by @thegallowboob. The jaw dropping comment claims that the individual applied for the role through employee referral and got the job because their dad knew the Vice CEO. To add insult to injury, they mention that one of their interview questions was «how is your father?». 

Not surprisingly, most Twitter users were less than impressed with this flagrant display of favoritism. That being said, some did admit to getting jobs in the past thanks to the people they know. While not all of us are given the gift of friends in high places, it’s hard to fault the reviewer’s honesty — unless they were just trying to torture the rest of us.

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