Niche Internet Microcelebrity Spotlight: Shower Food Review Guy

Screen Name: @gazpachomachine

Real Name: Gaz (possibly)

Internet Occupation: Shower food reviewer

Reason for Fame: The shower is somewhere that contains multitudes for many shower havers. It’s a place where, if you’re so inclined, multiple bodily needs can be satisfied at once; if you have a great tolerance for both grossness and discomfort, you could technically take care of most things in a shower cubicle. Many people swear by the simple pleasures of something like a shower beer, but until recently it was not a place you would associate with food.

That’s not the case any more, though. This is thanks to one man bravely stepping up to make a name for himself online thanks to one thing and one thing only: consuming different kinds of meals and snacks while having a shower. Georgia resident Gaz is committed to rating the how well food and personal hygiene mix, and he details the experience through Twitter.

Many of his 59.3K and counting followers send in donations that allow him to purchase increasingly elaborate things to chow down on (think Tomahawk steak). It’s all in the hopes of getting a several sentence summary of how the experience felt, and a rating out of 10. 

Twitter’s premier shower food reviewer claims to have got the idea from his habit of eating a sandwich in the shower as a hangover cure. Sending photographic proof to his friends, they suggested that he started sharing it with the wider internet — and the rest is history. 

Notable Moments: Arguably, every time Gaz shares a shower he has with the internet it’s a notable moment. Still, the broad spectrum of foods that he is willing to bring under the sacred water make for varying levels of entertainment and informativeness. There’s also something quite poignant about the times that he drops a plate in the shower, or details how it feels to eat a gummy worm as his ex packs up to move out.

Gaz has inspired numerous people to try out shower food reviews of their own, taking a meta turn as he reviews these reviews. These community contributions operate on varying levels of oddness. He was forced to point out recently that a cigarette is not a meal

Also, he has committed himself to sending a proportion of his donations to foodbanks. This is for good causes other than shower food, y’know. 

Memeability Level: 2/10. There’s only so many jokes to be made about a single-minded mission to find the best and worst things to eat under running water. Still, with a profile in the New York Post and thousands of dedicated followers, this man is taking influencing to brave new heights. Finally, there is somebody out there to validate the idea of underwater mealtime.

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