People Consider The Most Out-of-Touch Sentiments Rich People Have Expressed to Them

Rich people, right? It’s pretty easy to discern who grew up with wealth with a quick conversation. Not to say that’s an inherently bad thing; some of my closest friends are complete trust fund babies. It’s just that there’s an inherent disconnect between those who grew up with and without money. One of the most extreme examples I’ve personally experienced is the anecdote my friend explained to me that her private school ran a poverty simulation to hopefully generate some sort of empathy or at least basic understanding within the students. What she had explained to me was just a regular weekday for me growing up. 

In an /r/Askreddit thread, Reddit user /u/Always_Wandering_ asked a similar question, «What’s the most out of touch thing a rich person has said to you?» These are the sort of questions I enjoy. Absolutely everyone who grew up without money has a hilarious example of just how out of touch the bourgeoisie has become. And, as expected, there were a lot of entertaining responses. Check out what people had to say about the disconnected rich below!   

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