People Contemplate How They Would React to Their Friend’s Ugly Baby

Personally, it’s quite difficult to distinguish the difference between an ugly newborn baby and a cute one. They all sort of just look like small, malformed creatures to me. For others, apparently, it’s quite easy to distinguish that difference.

Now, I’ve only ever been in the position once where I was in the same room as a nearly newborn baby. It was my cousin’s. I didn’t get particularly close to it, but I could tell from a distance that it wasn’t exactly cute. That being said, five years later, the kid looks pretty average. It seems a little unfair to judge a baby right off the bat, but who am I to say? I don’t have much affinity toward babies, but let’s say hypothetically a friend of yours has just become a parent. And in your opinion, their new baby is downright hideous. What would you say?

Redditor /u/Signal_Professor6501 posed this very question, «You went over to your friends’ house as they had a baby. They show you the baby and it’s the ugliest baby you’ve ever seen in your life. What do you say?» People on the /r/askreddit subreddit were quick to respond. We’ve collected the best, brightest, and funniest responses from the thread for your viewing pleasure. Take a look below!

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