People Discuss How Much (And How Little) $1 Can Buy In Their Countries

If you ask anyone in the United States, they’ll tell you that the dollar just isn’t what it used to be. I used to be able to buy two big chocolate bars for that amount. Hell, I’d buy a pack of cigarettes for $4 when I was way too young to be smoking. That same pack is now $16 and change.  Inflation is a b*tch. As many other people will have you know, that same dollar (or four quarters) can go a long way in other countries. Redditor u/sucka_3650 decided to investigate this discrepancy by asking the r/AskReddit community exactly how far a dollar can go in their respective homelands. And boy, was it a thread. While some people responded seriously – with examples of the hauls the chump change can buy – a lot more people decided to take the opportunity to show the many ways a person can say «jack shit.» Both types of responses were entertaining. And both types of responses are present in this gallery. We predict that in a few years we’ll be jealous of the dollar’s power, so here’s to enjoying the laughs while we still can. 

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