People Discuss Long Standing Covid-19 Effects That Have Yet to Recover

Do you guys remember that one thing that happened a few years back that fundamentally changed societies across the entire globe? Yeah, the first year of Covid-19 was pretty crazy. We’re lucky that the passage of time has made the Coronavirus much less of the dominant, oppositional presence in our lives, but don’t forget it still exists.

As an individual who survived as a restaurant server, the initial quarantine and closure of indoor dining hit me extremely hard financially. Add that on top of the incredible panic surrounding Covid-19 and the fact that I was going to be stuck in a house, isolated with my roommates things were pretty grim in those initial months. And I wasn’t the only one. Literally everyone’s lives we’re impacted. The way we functioned as a society was turned completely on its head.

Slowly, as the virus reigned in, things began to go back to normal. But what about those things that never went back to normal? Store hours, indoor dining, improved recognition of germs, and so much else. Redditor /u/SPQRomanSparticus posed that very question, «What still has not recovered from the Covid-19 shutdown?» Let’s see what people have to say!

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