‘Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Hole’: Fans debunk the Davy Jones curse, proving that the tentacle-faced captain could have broken the spell with just a bucket of water

Movie fans have always been the first ones to point out the flaws in their favorite series. Nothing clears the mind quite like obsession. Well, we’ve all seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and have followed the dastardly pirate adventures of Will, Elizabeth, and Jack for decades. However, Redditors recently pointed out a pretty gigantic plot hole. 

In the third movie of the franchise, Davy Jones, Will Turner, and James Norrington have to meet on land to parlay with the Pirate Brethren to strike a deal. According to Davy Jone’s curse however, he is not able to ‘set foot on land, but once every 10 years’, which means this parlay was held either on that 10 year mark or simply in spite of it. In the scene, Jones’s crusty oceanic self is shown standing in a large bucket of ocean water as they meet for their chat and there are 3 little buckets leading from the waterline up to the bucket– implying that he JUMPED from bucket to bucket until he was in place. Not only is that undignified, but throws a loophole into the lore that could have changed the entire story. 

Suppose Davy Jones can just stand in ocean water on land. If you take that a half step further, you could argue that he could have just filled a pair of Wellies up with sea water and lived a very normal, trench foot infested, life on land. There are so many possibilities that the fans dredged up and each one gets more outrageous than the last. How do you think this might have changed the movie? 

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