Shrek Memes For People Who Still Like Shrek Memes

In the year of our lord 2016, Shrek was the king of memes. You couldn’t go on social media weren’t seeing some sort of Shrek tribute, often incredibly sexual in nature. It might be for people who weren’t there to believe, but everybody wanted to have shrex in the mid-2010s.  The epitome of this trend was the viral meme «Shrek is love, Shrek is life.» The green text story turned animated video told the story of a young man who was religiously, emotionally, and» sexually devoted to Shrek. Next to the Bee Movie script, it was the epitome of how stupid and easy to please meme fans were in 2016.  

These days, Shrek memes have fallen out of fashion a little bit. While the upcoming sequel Shrek 5 is exciting to fans, he’s lost his meme superstar status as 2016 gets further away. Luckily for Shrek meme fans, we are not above catering to a bit of internet nostalgia. 

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