Sopranos Trend Brings Out Every TikToker With A Mafioso In The Family

Anybody not living under a rock for the past year can see that we’re in the middle of a Sopranos renaissance. It was the binge watch of choice for many in lockdown, and the impact of that is still being felt with numerous screenshots and memes being promoted online. 

It was only a matter of time before the iconic series got the TikTok treatment, as it has done recently. Inspired by the show, users have been asking questions about the specifics of their family members’ jobs.

The format takes from a video made in 2019, which combines the famous scene in which Tony Soprano’s daughter asks if he is in the mafia with a montage set to «Gangster’s Paradise». The sound has been used by TikTokers to jokingly put parents, siblings and even pets on the spot about their professional activities.

As some have pointed out, certain people seem to have jumped on the trend to show off their wealth, in the form of their family’s five star holidays or fancy cars. However, other examples seem to hit a bit too close to home. That Sicilian grandpa with a guy for everything? Great man to know, but maybe don’t get on the wrong side of him.

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