The Best Harry Potter Memes of the Week (March 27, 2023)

The boy who lived is going to be a father! Life is imitating art right now because it was confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe and his longtime girlfriend are expecting a baby! Hopefully, he won’t give this infant a name like «Albus Severus Potter,» but I trust him not to be as foolish as the actual Harry Potter. If there’s any actor that I’m rooting for, it’s Daniel Radcliffe. That man gave his childhood to us, leading the Harry Potter movies with impressive skill at such a young age. I’m stoked that he’s doing indie movies, Broadway shows, and the Weird Al biopic to his heart’s content. Whenever somebody wants him to join a superhero franchise, I want to pull my hair out. This man gave you eight blockbuster hits, and you’re still unsatisfied? Even if he decided he never wanted to make another movie again and ran away to live in the woods with his girlfriend and baby forever, I would support him. If you are a Daniel Radcliffe stan through and through, these Harry Potter memes are sure to make you smile

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