The Best Harry Potter Memes of the Week (September 5, 2023)

I feel like we don’t appreciate the wild way in which Voldemort entered the Harry Potter series enough. He was literally a spirit attached to a man’s head, and a short three years later, he could bounce back from that as a human. He had to stay quiet in that tight turban for hours on end, listening to a stuttering man teach 11-year-olds super basic spells. He had to drink unicorn blood to survive!! I might not like him, but I admire his can-do attitude in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances. 

Professor Quirrell was a real pushover; I’ll tell y’all that much. He was barely a villain, but I was definitely fooled by him when I first read the book. I was just like Harry, thinking that Snape was behind all of this, but boy howdy was I wrong. If you love the early-series twist villains, these Harry Potter memes might surprise you.  

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