The Best «She’s A 10, But…» Tweets Of The Week

Over the past few days, Twitter has been inundated with a new joke format that you cannot escape, even if you tried! It goes like this: She/He’s a 10, But [Insert Quirky Quality Here]. This meme is similar to a game I played with my friends in college called 10/10, where you would picture your 10/10 partner, but they had one wacky quality that someone in the group pitched. For instance, 10/10, but they shed their skin like a reptile every 12 hours. Once the group decided on a uniform abnormal trait, you would say whether you’d still date your 10/10 with this quality. You could also ask the person who proposed the quirk about more specific details; Do I have to help them pick off their skin particles? Do they have reptile skin texture or human skin texture? Could they pass this skin-shedding trait down to our children? 

However, the Twitter meme does not go that far. It merely asks that you contemplate a 10/10 person with a mildly obtrusive quality. Nevertheless, this format has inspired some hilarious tweets that you won’t want to miss.

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