‘The entire project came crashing down’: Coworkers get put in their place when woman stops doing their work

Of all the many frustrating experiences that are waiting for you when you arrive at work, there is arguably none greater than a coworker who refuses to pull their weight. Without fail, their dragging of the chain will hold back the rest of their team, who will have to pick up the slack if they have any hopes of keeping projects on track and hitting KPIs—keeping the ever-watchful roving eye of management looking elsewhere and the team’s heads off the chopping block.

Still, after weeks, months—years, even—of pulling their weight, it would be foolish not to wonder… why are you still doing this? Why are you enabling them for the sake of avoiding some hard conversations with your manager? Wouldn’t it be better to stop pulling their weight and watch as things (inevitably) come crashing down? Of course, one should do so with plenty of receipts in order to thoroughly cover one’s behind.

That’s what this worker did. After growing tired of covering for her coworkers, she put in for some time off, leaving her incompetent coworkers to do their own work for once as their project reached a crucial deadline. She then shared her experience on a popular online community, generating numerous responses from readers.

Keep reading to see the responses and screenshots of the original story as it was shared on a popular Reddit community. After you’re done here, see this worker who got double leave when their Karen boss didn’t submit the proper paperwork.

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