The Funniest Harry Potter Memes of the Week (July 11, 2023)

Something terrible has happened within the Harry Potter fandom. Archive of Our Own is down, and nobody knows when it will be up again. For those of you who don’t know, Archive of Our Own is the number one place for fanfiction in the modern era. You might have grown up in the times of or substack, but those days are far behind us. Now, Archive of Our Own is the number one place for Harry Potter fans to find their Drarry fanfiction. 

Fan-created stories have shaped the Harry Potter fandom as we know it. There are original characters from fanfictions that Potterheads have accepted as part of their personal canon. There is more Mauraders fanfiction on AO3 than there were books in my college library. This fan-generated content is just as important as the stuff from the books and the movies, and we have platforms like AO3 to thank for that. 

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