The Unbearable Wholesomeness Of Marianne Williamson’s Birdposting

Twitter is often a hellhole of negativity, histrionics, and preachiness. Political Twitter? It’s gotta be a hundred times worse. But there’s an exception to this rule, and her name is Marianne Williamson. Many of you may know her as the kooky author and spiritual leader who threw her hat into the ring during the deranged 2020 presidential campaign. But me? I know her as the provider of very necessary palate cleanses during masochistic Twitter scrolling sessions. 

A month or two ago I started noticing that my favorite love-promoting political figure was posting birds with the awestruck wonder of a three year old trying ice cream for the first time. Even more entertaining was the tweet in which she admitted to deleting a photo of a starling because «Someone told me it was mean and when I looked it up I saw this verified, so I couldn’t bear to put anything mean on my thread.» 

The responses were both beautiful (more birds!) and supportive of her newfound birdposting habits. And I’ve been eagerly awaiting her avian tweets ever since. This phenomenon may not be interesting to people who eschew all politicians, or, more inexplicably, don’t care for birds. But I think we all deserve a little «love and light,» especially considering the oft-poisonous nature of social media these days. We’ve put some of her more entertaining «birdposts» into this gallery, but we encourage you to give her a follow. You never know when you’ll need a little bit of colorful, feathery joy injected into your day.

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