Trashy Moments That May Reduce Faith in Humanity

The older I get, the more attractive living alone becomes. And when I say living alone, I mean living alone. Preferably off the grid, in an adorable cabin that’s (at the very least) an hour away from civilization. The Internet isn’t a thing at this adorable cabin. For entertainment, we bird-watch, go fishing, forage, and maybe knit our own clothing. It may sound drastic, but working so closely with the Internet has shown me too many things. Perhaps if I lived on a remote island in the South Pacific, I wouldn’t know the extent of the world’s trashiness. Unfortunately, I do not. And every day I’m astounded by the behavior of complete and total strangers. 

The r/trashy subreddit is a mecca for this type of behavior. While I abhor the tacky tactlessness of the people who are posted, the pictures and videos do serve as an important reminder that people are so, so dumb, and sadly, so, so messed up. If you delight in the despicable behaviors of others, well, you’ll probably enjoy this gallery of cautionary tales and boundless immaturity. 

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