Viral Tweet Categorizes Men of Hollywood as Eagle Handsome, Bear Handsome, Dog Handsome or Reptilian Handsome

It’s been a very, very long time since I gushed over any men in cinema, with a few exceptions. There’s something about Chris Pine that just gets me going, and I’d do just about anything for Oscar Isaac or Diego Luna. But do I really analyze their appearances beyond looking good? Hell no. 

The people of Twitter cannot relate to this ambivalence. The bird app is a haven for «stans,» and while much of the manic, obsessive energy is dedicated to K-Pop stars, no celebrity is safe from the ever-posting hands and minds of the website. Most of the time, the gushing is unnerving. Especially concerning anyone like Taylor Swift. This past week, however, Twitter user @marieprairiee went viral for a tweet designating men as one of four types of handsome: Eagle, Bear, Dog, and Reptilian. She cited Ryan Gosling, Henry Cavill, Heath Ledger, and Timothee Chalamet as examples. If it isn’t obvious they’re Eagle, Bear, Dog, and Reptilian in that order. 

Much to my surprise, I found myself in agreeance with her assessment. It seems that the tweet resonated with a lot of people on Twitter, and there have been many riffs on the tweet to prove it – one person painstakingly created a chart to account for overlap between the types, and you can bet there are plenty of memes. There have also been many replies from attention-seeking dudes who want to know where they fall on the spectrum. We’re less interested in those responses than the funny ones we’ve compiled here, for your convenience. Happy scrolling.

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