Weird And Cursed Wikihow Tips That Might Not Be The Greatest Advice

Millions of people visit the Wikihow website on a daily basis, but somehow it remains the underdog in the internet knowledge world. Almost anyone will tell you that they’ve been down an obscure knowledge rabbit hole with Wikipedia; on the other hand, nobody’s going to admit that they Googled «how to tie your shoelaces» after panicking that they had been doing it the wrong way all this time, let alone show you the place that told them. 

For sure, Wikihow is a treasure trove of advice — some that’s useful, and some that might be up for debate. Ultimately, though, all its tips and tricks pale in comparison to those offered by its parodies. Those iconic drawings are ripe for repurposing, instructing us in things both nonsensical and downright dumb. Everybody needs to take some guidance now and then, and there’s no better place to take it from than some random illustrations and text on the internet.


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