Woman Cooked for Walking Out on Date After He Refuses to Pay Extra for Burger Cheese

The past couple of years have been a rough time to look for love. To quote somebody wise, the dating pool has pee in it. When you’ve been messed around by too many people, it’s easy to get defensive, and stop taking potential suitors in good faith. Most of us have experienced crazy behavior on dates now and then — but we don’t always realize that we can be perpetrators too.

This was certainly the case for TikToker @dafna_diamant, who took to the app to complain about the Hinge date that she had just been on. When the man refused cheese on his burger at the restaurant because of the extra expense, she decided to pay the bill herself and walk out on him. Viewers were completely baffled by her reaction to something so minor, and they didn’t hesitate to let her know.

However, the story did have a (kind of) happy ending. Dafna returned to denounce the people who were taking their criticism way too far, and claimed that she was going to go on a second date with the guy after all. Whether that one ends up going the same way remains to be seen. 

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