Woman Posts Wild Roommate Ad On Craigslist Requesting a ‘Lover’ Roommate in Exchange For $550 Rent

I have never been a Craigslist girl. Perhaps this is because I’ve never been in desperate search of odd jobs, a relationship with a stranger, or an apartment that nobody wants to live in. I grew up in an era where everyone was telling people that meeting up with anyone from Craigslist for any reason will get you into a dangerous situation. That era might encapsulate the time that Craigslist was created until right now, but my statement still remains. 

The thing that people don’t know about Craigslist is that it’s actually a place where you can find hidden gems if you’re willing to look for them and risk going in person to find them. You can find great furniture, apartments, or relationships on that website if you’re lucky enough. One Craigslist browser found a real estate request for a lover/roommate combo, and it is an incredibly compelling read. 

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