Workers Discuss The Benefits of Lying on Your Resume

There’s only so much you can do to get a job when your resume is not up to par. You can change the verbiage you use to describe your job-hopping as much as you’d like, but employers are just going to see the same thing: an unreliable person who can’t be trusted to stay at their company for longer than a year. 

In this economy, it makes sense why someone would be a job hopper. Loyalty to a position or a company is rarely rewarded with more money, and sending out hundreds of applications and getting a new position is the easier way to get more money. Many job-hoppers resort to lying on their resume to make their experience look more appealing to recruiters and managers. While some find this practice risky and unethical, it’s often one of the only ways people who don’t stand for mistreatment can get a better job after a slew of bad ones. 

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