‘Yes, Chef’: 25+ Funny Service Industry Memes to… CORNER!

College is a time for higher education, not just academically, but in many other ways. It’s the first time most young adults are on their own, you’re thrust into a place where you might not know anybody, and you no have the responsibility of paying your own bills. Which now means you need to get a part time job on top of your schooling. 

So what do most young adults do at this time? They get a service industry job! You’d think that must be a pretty easy gig for someone who is so busy learning a new skill in a school that will leave them in debt for the rest of their life, right? Right?… WRONG. Personally, I have been out of college for almost a decade and I still have nightmares of my shift manager calling me wondering where tf I’m at even though I SWEAR I wasn’t on the schedule. 

Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows it’s not for the weak. It’s not only a fast-paced and stressful environment because of all the duties you’re expected to do non-stop on your feet for 12 hours, but also because of the dreadful customers that come in. For some reason, some people come into a restaurant thinking that a server is their literal servant??? Why is that?? Some of you have never worked a service industry job and it SHOWS. 

Anyways, were my service industry folk out there?? These memes are for you. You got this, but go cry in the walk-in if you don’t…

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