‘Your dog and cat do not love you’: Bad Twitter Take Sparks Ire and Outrage in Pet Owners

Recently, a Twitter user (@PhadkeTai) has sparked outrage and anger among pet owners and animal obsessives by suggesting that our beloved pets are incapable of loving their owners. The tweet, which quickly went viral –  generated quite a heated debate and a lot of criticism from those of us who believe (or know!) that animals are indeed capable of love and emotional connection with their human companions. 

@PhadkeTai’s remarks were perceived as insensitive and dismissive of the deep bonds that many people share with their pets. As the owner of a cat who definitely feels her pet’s love, I was straight-up offended. It seems that so many people were upset by the tweet that @PhadkeTai ended up making her account private. While this doesn’t bode well for people like us who enjoy Twitter drama, we were still able to gather some choice responses to her terrible take. 



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