15 Memes In Which Bobby Hill Spits Truth & Unpopular Opinions

Big news, y’all: King of the Hill’s Bobby Hill has officially joined the ranks of Lisa Simpson, Spider-Man, and Steven Crowder as the star of a meme that speaks unpopular truths. While we definitely didn’t need another one of these formats, this scene from the 2009 episode «Born Again on the Fourth of July» does its job well. The scene depicts Bobby Hill (who has just become a born-again Christian) taunting people who are trying to learn English with a sign that says «Repent sinners! You’re all going to hell!» The added element of their ignorance adds a new layer to the oft-boring unpopular opinion formats. It’s perfect for using on people like anti-vaxxersand Karens. We’ve put together some of our favorites, but we’re hoping that the meme’s versatility inspires y’all to make your own.

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